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And when the cake is finally shown someone says “Wow… It’s them!” when he or she notices that the cake toppers are the 3d images of the actual bride and groom.

Silence falls among the guests, who then forget about the protagonists of the event to rather get photographed with their avatars, their mini-me’s, their photo-sculptures, their personal wedding cake toppers.

The bride and groom, the real ones, are literally set apart and can finally relax, as their “alter egos” have now become the centre of attention.

This happens in every wedding where the ThreeDee-You Photo-Sculpture 3d-u personal figurines of the happy pair are used as cake toppers.

No matter if dressed for the wedding, or casual, or even disguised, it is guaranteed that the guests will be amazed. Many couples make their figurines matching the wedding theme: middle age, country side, beach, etc.

But all of them take the opportunity to create something absolutely original and personal, far from the old fashioned china cake toppers. 3d figurines that will always make someone say “Wow... It’s them!”.
system - what to do to get your personal cake toppers made
To have photo-sculptures made, to use as wedding or birthday cake toppers, you must come to our studio. 3D photo-sculptures can not be made from 2D photos. Read about our system and consult the most frequently asked questions.  Most of our clients prefer not to be portrayed as bride and groom. You must bring the outfit you want to be portrayed with. Don't try to imitate traditional cake toppers: this is the occasion to make something unique!

ideas for your personal 3d cake toppers
If you are looking for ideas for your wedding or birthday cake toppers please visit our photos pages videos and our blog.

To know the possibilities of making a gift of a photo-sculpture, for example how to order copies of your cake toppers to use as gifts for your guests, please visit our gift page.